She sets her goals sky-high but still remains one of South Africa's most down-to-earth celebrities, well-known and loved for her ability to leave a lasting mark on everyone she meets. It's no wonder proprietorships; partnerships and corporations alike are requesting Karolina Sky Rafalski to speak at their events and motivate staff and management to reach for the stars.

With a BA Corporate Communications Degree, an honours degree in Psychology and a specialised postgraduate degree in BPsych Psychometrics Karolina has uniquely married these two diverse fields of study. Combined with her public profile platform, experience as a model in image and creating your own brand, communication, PR and public speaking skills, and expert knowledge in the field of psychology, she is able to motivate, inspire and create self awareness and become a trusted life coach, keynote and motivational speaker. Karolina’s expert talks on personality dynamics, career development, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, self-image and self-perception, limiting beliefs, how to cope effectively out of your comfort zone, understanding and channelling potential, how to embrace, love and understand your true self, grooming, health, fitness and beauty, self fulfilling prophecies, holistic overall wellness, personal branding and self-presentation has a valuable place in all and any corporation.

Karolina has been working in the corporate sector for over 13 years. Her studies, many years of entrepreneurial, corporate and multicultural based experiences, offer a very unique approach to her basket of specialized offerings and has afforded her with a hands-on understanding of people. Being the entrepreneur she is, Karolina founded KR Consulting, which is a combined knowledge base consultancy of psychometrics, coaching and psychology based services. KRC offers businesses and individuals a specialized service in career development by profiling peoples cognition such as their personality, potential, strengths, emotional intelligence and development areas. Karolina Rafalski holds accreditation certificates in an array of internationally accredited psychometric tools. Karolina offers individual one on one coaching sessions as well as tailor made workshops that can focus on an array of facets ranging from career guidance and development, emotional intelligence, leadership skills to personality dynamics.”

Today Karolina is a mother, a wife, a business women and entrepreneur, she aspires to touch peoples lives, motivate and create positive change. She especially loves to instil vision and hope in the eyes of women.

Karolina can give expert talks on the following:

  • Personality Dynamics: Personality and sales, client relationships, company culture, communication, conflict, understanding your personality, self image, self confidence, personality types and team dynamics, team building (Karolina is internationally accredited in using the MBTI personality assessment tool).
  • Emotional intelligence –understanding emotional intelligence, stress, successful leadership, achieving goals. (Karolina is internationally accredited in using the EQ-I Emotional intelligence tool)
  • Self-esteem and your self-fulfilling prophecy, self-image and self-perception.
  • Career development, guidance and transition.
  • Grooming, health, fitness and beauty.
  • Image: self image, limiting beliefs, self-confidence, self talk- your inner voice and how to look and feel good about yourself, holistic overall wellness.
  • Personal Branding: personal branding and self-presentation.
  • Motivational talks for teens,young girls and women.
  • Team building workshops using the latest assessment tools.
  • Tailored workshops/talks according to clients request.

Workshops can be custom made to fit the clients audience and motivational or developmental needs.

Karolina can make use of assessments to give deeper insight into the audiences developmental needs which encourages team building, personal growth and development.

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