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I set my goals sky-high with the aim of leaving a lasting mark on everyone I meet. This tenacious attitude is why I have been approached by proprietorships, partnerships and corporations alike requesting me to speak at their events and motivate staff and management to reach for the stars! 

I have worked in the corporate sector for over 13 years. My experience with my public profile platform, career in modelling and image and brand creation, communication, PR and public speaking skills, and expert knowledge in the field of psychology has allowed me to become a trusted life coach, keynote and motivational speaker.

I can give expert talks on the following:

  • Personality dynamics: Personality and sales, client relationships, company culture, communication, conflict, understanding your personality, self-image, self-confidence, personality types and team dynamics, team building. (I am internationally accredited in using the MBTI personality assessment tool).
  • Emotional intelligence: Understanding emotional intelligence, stress, successful leadership, and achieving goals. (I am internationally accredited in using the EQ-I Emotional intelligence tool).
  • Self-esteem: Your self-fulfilling prophecy, self-image and self-perception.
  • Careers: Development, guidance and transition.
  • Grooming, health, fitness and beauty.
  • Image: Self-image, limiting beliefs, self-confidence, self-talk, your inner voice and how to look and feel good about yourself, and holistic overall wellness.
  • Personal Branding: Personal branding and self-presentation.
  • Motivational talks for teens, young girls and women.
  • Team building workshops using the latest assessment tools.
  • Tailored workshops/talks according to clients request.

Workshops can be custom made to fit the client’s audience and motivational or developmental needs.

I can make use of assessments to give deeper insight into the audience’s developmental needs, which encourages team building, personal growth and development.

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