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Coaching Sessions Package


One-on-one coaching with Karolina

If you have always had a feeling you were meant for so much more than NOW really is YOUR TIME! My coaching is for women and men like you who are ready to take the action and invest in themselves to create the life and business that has you waking up truly thankful Every day, just as I have.

My 1-1 coaching packages are for entrepreneurs or those who aspire to be, who are looking to ignite their passion and purpose and be the very best version of themselves which I call being beYOUtiful. All my coaching sessions are specifically designed to my client’s individual needs, no one person is exactly the same.

Why choose me?

I have worked in the corporate sector for 16 years, delivering a powerful combination of coaching and mentoring appropriate to my individual clients.  In my coaching sessions I draw on my experience from my many years of business experience in the numerous business sectors.

I hold 3 degrees, BA Corp Com. (UJ) BA Hons. Psychology (UNISA) BPsych Psychometry (UJ), Life Coach (CTA), As a psychology professional, communications expert, keynote speaker, former model and brand ambassador, I understand the personal branding and corporate market, as well as the challenges of being a woman trying to make it big in the business sector. This affords me to offer a unique, insightful and informed perspective on your path to career and personal growth in the context of the business(es) you serve.



Personal development and productivity, coaching one on one with Karolina 

What our 6 weeks of coaching will cover:

  • An in-depth intake where I get to know the real you, by doing this I can really get to the core of any issues and help you be the best version of YOU. It’s time to beYOUtfil, beautiful. By getting to know you; the true you, listening to you, your story, who you are, finding your uniqueness and desires, your fears, your blocks; it's from this place I can really give you my best.
  • I design a bespoke coaching program designed specifically for YOU, we create a personalized strategy specific to your needs.
  • Discover how to use your uniqueness to your growth, productivity and benefit.
  • You will understand how and why you react in certain ways to stressful or unfamiliar situations and what coping mechanism may work for you. Knowledge is power!
  • Discover your personality and your personal trigger points.
  • Identify your best work environment that will bring you results.
  • Your unique problem-solving strategies.
  • You will work out what has been keeping you “stuck” and create new powerful belief’s and strategies.
  • I will teach you personal techniques designed for you and your personality type.
  • Remodeling productivity strategies based on your personality.
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence to your advantage.
  • Discovering your personal strengths and talents that can be used to your success benefit.
  • Tackling self-sabotage.
  • Self-talk strategies and techniques.
  • We work through your inner belief’s.
  • You’ll end the struggle of trying to figure it out on your own and have the full support to achieve your dreams.

The Benefits of a Personal Coach:

  • Ability to apply skills and techniques that are specific to your individual growth needs.
  • Increased confidence and self-belief.
  • Understanding and removing limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back.
  • The development of new empowering beliefs and behaviours.
  • Clarity around what you want in life.
  • Understanding and managing the source of recurring problems and obstacles in your life.
  • Better financial health.
  • Better relationships: at work, at home, with friends, with family.
  • A happier more fulfilled life.
  • Understanding the fast track to goal achievement.
  • Greater career satisfaction and success.
  • Improved life skills in general for all areas of your life.
  • Increased capacity for making positive change in your life.
  • Enhanced decision-making skills and techniques.
  • Increased productivity, better time management.
  • Development of your own personal success formula for life.
  • A trusted mentor and coach in your corner accelerating your personal development and career success.

What can you expect from me as your personal development and career coach?

  • Complete confidentiality, I am a registered professional, we sign a contract and all our work together is strictly confidential.
  • Total focus on you, the client, and your goals and dreams.
  • I will be your personal cheerleader pushing you to be the best version of yourself.
  • A safe place to grow and develop and not be criticized or judged.
  • Someone who keeps you focused on your goals.
  • Someone who accepts and respects you.
  • Someone who really understands and 'gets' you.
  • Someone who truly listens to you without judgment.
  • Someone who believes in you and your dreams and ambitions.
  • Someone who challenges you when you talk yourself down and encourages you not to accept second best.
  • Someone who enables you to come to a much deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Someone who helps you accelerate your personal development.
  • Adherence to a code of ethics.

What is required from you for coaching to be successful?

  • No 1. Get rid of any guilt for investing in yourself. By investing in yourself you will nurture all of your other relationships. It has a ripple effect.
  • Regular attendance at coaching sessions.
  • Daily practice of skills and use of tools.
  • Commitment to the process and to taking action.
  • Willingness to make the changes and grow