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I am a career and business coach, a keynote speaker, mother, wife, businesswomen, and entrepreneur. I aspire to engage and inspire people through my talks, by making use of psychological tools to take my audience through a journey of self-discovery. I like to interact with my audience with the hopes of leaving them motivated and with notepads full of life-changing notes. I especially love to instil vision and hope in the eyes of women!

Karolina Sky
If it feels right, it’s meant for you

It is never too late to discover your true purpose and your dream career. I am here to provide you with the tools that you need to start living a successful, purpose driven and fulfilled life!

Keynote & Motivational Speaker


Psychology & Communications Professional

Career & Self Development Coach


Business Woman


Mom & Wife


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8 Life Goals Every Woman Should Have

8 Life Goals Every Woman Should Have

What are your life goals? Are they stuck up on your vision board somewhere? Or perhaps it’s something you haven’t really considered before… Life goals are a little bit different to short-term, or even long-term goals, in that you don’t really “tick” them off. They are...

My truth about finding a good Pediatrician

My truth about finding a good Pediatrician

I was approached and offered to go to DR Maraschin for my 6 week check up with Viktoria. As you all know pediatricians cost a small fortune which not even  the best of medical aids cover the full cost, so of course I accepted the lovely offer and was curious to see...

Tips on how to empower yourself daily

Tips on how to empower yourself daily

  I’m all about empowering women from within. It’s always okay to ask for advise and help,never be afraid to do that. But it’s empowering to be able to know and control yourself from within. That is what my mission is, to empower people, women and young adults....

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