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I was approached and offered to go to DR Maraschin for my 6 week check up with Viktoria. As you all know pediatricians cost a small fortune which not even  the best of medical aids cover the full cost, so of course I accepted the lovely offer and was curious to see what Dr Maraschin was all about. Being an overprotective mother (if that even exists) I did some research prior to going in for the visit and saw that he has some lovely reviews and so I felt comfortable to take my little Viktoia for her 6 week check up.

Viktoria fell ill with the awful  flu that we all had a few days earlier to our scheduled appointment with Dr Maraschin and she was struggling to feed with a blocked nose. I frantically called the pediatrician I used to take Gabriel to with no avail…… the story of a moms life is to try get a non scheduled appointment with a pediatrician on the day or latest a day later….. it’s pretty much impossible. It not like we schedule an illness so how can we wait 4-5 days for an appointment?After being turned down by 4 pediatricians in my area, I remembered about my appointment with Dr Maraschin and quickly called his office to see if I could somehow get in?!

When I called the doctors rooms I was pleasantly greeted by a very friendly receptionist who calmed me down and said that they keep open spaces in their appointment book for emergency appointments such as mine. I was booked in for an appointment immediately for that same morning.

Upon my arrival at the Sandton based offices, I was offered to weigh Viktoria with the nurses while I wait for my appointment, but Dr Maraschin had just come out to call me in so he said he would weigh Viktoria.I really love that they make use of time like this.

Dr Maraschin’s office makes you feel like a kid again, it is filled so many with colourful mobiles, toys and little tables and chairs, it look like a toddlers dream come true! I was instantly drawn in by his friendly, warm and concerned approach as he immediately picked up on some of my concerns with Viktoia.

Before we even went into the examining room the Doctor noticed her watering eye, he started to explain to me in detail what the cause is and showed me on a diagram on his wall where the tear duct gets blocked and what I should do to treat it. He then picked up on Viktoria’s baby acne which he explained is actually a form of eczema and prescribed a cream for her which would also prevent the onset of cradle cap, something he also picked up on before I even did.

We spoke for a while discussing any concerns or questions I may have, Viktoria’s feeds, her sleeping routine etc. I for the first time really felt like a pediatrician was LISTENING with concern and not just looking at his clock to get me in and out. I was not rushed at all which I truly appreciate as it gave me time to think of any other questions that I may have had. I always find that I leave the doctors rooms feeling rushed out and on my way home I remember all the questions that I had forgotten to ask, or should I say wasn’t really given the opportunity to ask.

From there we went into the examining room where the doctor would do the 6 week check up, from head to toe Viktoria was checked in detail. Instead of crying or moaning Viktoria was amazed by all the glass and colorful mobiles that the Doctor had in his pleasantly heated room. It was the first time I had seen mobiles like that so I was like a kid too.

He lay her down on the examining bed and with a warm smile and started to twist and turn all the glass mobiles for her to look at. My little angel was in awe, not a moan or a peep out of her. She couldn’t get her big blue eyes off of the mobiles. It’s such a clever way for Dr Maraschin to keep a baby calm while he examines her thoroughly.

I left the Doctors rooms so happy, I had a script for Viktoria to sort out her blocked nose and her eczema. I was also offered a follow up appointment and told that I can call the rooms and speak to the nurses at any time should I have any concerns or questions. A week later I cashed in on that offer and really appreciated the world of advise I was given by the nurse (free of charge) which saved me an unnecessary trip to the pediatrician.

What started out as a sponsored post ended up being one of the best choices that I had made for my children. I believe that things happen for a reason and am so grateful that I was approached to go see Dr Maraschin because most importantly I left knowing that I now truly have a preferred pediatrician that I will whole heartedly recommend to my family and friends.

If you would like to contact Dr Maraschin here are his details:

His offices are based in Sandton at Block C, Rochester Place

173 Rivonia rd

(011) 784-2729

Also have a look at his Facebook page :

Dr Maraschin



Karolina Sky