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I read a facebook post a few years ago that truly stuck with me.  An old man was asked what his secret was to his 50 years of marriage. He said ,”it’s simple, never stop hold hands”. This resonated with me and made me remember all those times in the beginning of a relationship when you feel so in love and can’t wait to hold your loved ones hands, hug them and kiss them. There is something so powerful in the simple acts of love and kindeness.

This stuck with me, I told my husband about the beautiful  post and we both smiled at each other and agreed to never stop holding hands. I must say that everytime my husband takes my hand or I his, I get a little tingle in my tummy and a loving warm surge through my body. It truly melts any tension away and instantly makes me realise how insignificant some issues may be. When my son is witness to this I see his eyes light up with love and joy and it brings us so much more love and joy. It truly does unite a couple and keep the love flowing, I beleive that the power of human touch between two people that love each other is profound.

This year marked our 10th wedding anniversary, we have a beautiful 3,5 year old boy and a little girl making her debut now in May. I’m so blessed and try to really focus on whats truly important rather then being “right” or winning an argument. It truly doesn’t matter….learn to say, “Im sorry, you are right”. Listen, truly listen, before you speak and try take at least 3 deep breaths before you lash out. Words are more harmful then physical wounds as the wounds from spoken words may never heal. Treat your spouse the way you would like to be treated and remember your children are always witness to how you treat your spouse, if they don’t physically see it, they can sense it and they internalize it. I truly believe that by disrespecting and hurting your spouse you inflict that same pain onto your children.

So go on, give your spouse a kiss and a hug for no reason, hold their hand when you walk through a mall or a parking lot next time. Let the love you share flow through you as one.

I hope it does for you what it does for us.

Wishing you all a lifetime of true love and happiness.

What are your marriage tips? What are some of the best marriage tips that you have received? I’d love to hear from you.


Karolina Sky