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VITAMIN C (Ascorbic Acid)

I know it’s nothing new, most of us read about Vitamin C all the time… you should take it daily, it boost your immune system etc etc….. BUT it not only boosts your immune system, Vitamin C has so many beneficial properties especially if you want look good and feel healthy.
Here’s why you should take Vitamin C  more seriously and add it as part of your daily supplement range:

Vitamin C is an anti oxidant that is required for over 300 hundred metabolic functions in the body, tissue growth & repair,healthy gums,adrenal gland function. It also aids in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins).
Some of you may already know that Vitamin C is good for great looking skin… which in all honesty no matter how perfectly toned your body is, if your skin is dull and unhealthy you wont look good at all! Think of your skin as the Canvas of your body. For an artist if the canvas is not the best quality, firm and well primed..nothing that the artist paints on it will look good. Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen which gives us that plump youthful looking skin. So first invest in Vitamin C and leave the botox for later 😉

Vitamin C also aids in weight loss. Yes it DOES! Vitamin C aids in weight loss around the mid section.

If you have higher levels of vitamin C in the blood stream you’ll burn fat at a faster rate when you exercise. It has to do with the relationship between vitamin C and L-carnitine apparently. Carnitine is important in carrying energy to the heart of each cell in the body.
Vitamin C is vital for the production of carnitine so not getting enough vitamin C will deplete your energy levels and cause your body to store fat in your muscles.

The result – excess weight and flab – and for those in their middle age that means more abdominal flab!!

Because the body cannot produce Vitamin C it is essential we take it as part of our daily supplements.

Sources of Vitamin C: Berries, citrus fruit, green leafy vegetables, avocado’s, beetroot, grapefruit, spinach and oranges to name a few.

You can use a powdered Vitamin C that you can get form Dischem. Mix it in with a glass of water. I believe your body absorbs it quicker that way.



IMPORTANT! Please always consult your doctor before taking any new supplements or medication.


Vitamin C aids weight loss

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