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I had some great feedback form the previous Supplements of the week! Thank you for the positive feedback and I am so happy you enjoyed the post and that I could help 😉

Here’s another secret weapon supplement that I take and would like to share with you. CAYENNE..

CAYENNE, or Cayenne Pepper is a stimulating herb which is well known for assisting healthy digestion and increasing blood circulation circulation.
This antioxidant filled pepper is often used as a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of other herbs or minerals.

I take CAYENNE in combination with CHROMIUM .
The Cayenne assists in the absorption of the Chromium and the effectiveness of it!
Remember Chromium helps the body to process carbohydrates and fats, it promotes weight loss, lowers blood lipid (fat) levels, and improves body composition. THAT’S WHY WE LOVE IT!!!

So go get yourself some CAYENNE along with the CHROMIUM and reap the benefits of this magical combination.

Remember that you need to try stick to a healthy eating plan and at least some moderate activity in order to see the best weight loss and health benefits. That’s the best COMBO! There’s no use in spending money on supplements and washing it down with a burger and soda or other sugar packed fizzy drinks…’s just a waste of your hard earned money and your health.
Happy Supplementing!

IMPORTANT: Please always consult your doctor before taking any new supplements or medication.


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