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It’s 2018 ALREADY?!? Some of you may have been waiting for it while others feel like it just sprung upon us. Regardless of how you may be feeling, it is important to not let this opportunity pass you by. With a fresh new calendar it is so much easier to get motivated to work on your goals for 2018 and actually make them a reality.

This is the year for YOU, you can make it happen and be whatever you want to be. It does come at a price though. Stay focused, work hard and STICK TO THE PLAN. That’s the only tricky part, but here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Decide what you really want

let me type that again….decide what YOU really want. Not what other people want for you, or what makes other people successful or happy, BUT what  YOU truly want. What is it that your soul truly desires? What is your purpose? That’s what is going to bring you true happiness and success. Forget about the world of social media. Those are all just posts of what people would like you to perceive as their success and happiness. Lets focus on YOU.

2. Start off small

We all want to be millionaires and retire by 50 if we could, and I’m not saying that you can’t, but lets start off with baby steps.  In order to achieve your goals you need to train your mind and body on 1. how to achieve them and 2. that you can achieve them. the more practice you get in setting and achieving goals the more you will believe in yourself and actually get things done. Soon you’ll be setting larger more complex goals, but your mind has been trained to stay consistent, hard working and persevere because you know that YOU CAN DO IT.

So set smaller goals, for example instead of one big goal of wanting lose 20 kilos,set 3 smaller goals that you can achieve in the month. Drink more water, exercise 3 x per week and lose 1.5 kilos per week. This way the goal doesn’t seem so unachievable and you can monitor yourself weekly and get motivated by the realistic and positive results.  If you are wanting to increase your client base in your business for example, start off with wanting to sign up 1 new clients per month, do at last 30 cold calls per week, set up 2 meetings per week and 1 social media post per week. This is more practical to get your head around then putting the pressure on and saying you want to increase your yearly turnover by R300 000.

3. Focus on one thing, not many

You may find that you’re excited to start the year off and you have so many great ideas that you want to try them all at once. The problem here is that you won’t be able to focus on each one with the amount of effort it requires and you may end up failing at all of them. Rather become an expert, being a jack of all trades is tough and you lose credibility, you may also lose motivation all together if things don’t go as planned.

4. Create a strategy

Have you noticed that all successful businesses have a strategy? They have their team compile a strategy for the year ahead before they even get to doing the actual work. This strategy is like the bible for the business and all employees have to follow it…..I know it’s time consuming to do, and you may think but you’re just one person and have it all worked out in your head so why waste time with writing it down and making a strategy? We all need to set goals and by writing them down and having a month by month plan will help with sticking to them. There may be times when you lose track of what you really set out to do and this is when you need to go back to your strategy. My advice is to refresh your mind of your strategy at least every month and plan your goals for that month accordingly in order to stick with the plan AKA the strategy.

5. Set one new habit every week

Whats a strategy without action, get your mind and body used to taking on a new habit every week. These can be for your personal development or your career, it is important to align your personal and career growth as success in one will motivate you to achieve success in the other. Spend 5 minutes making a list of what you want to improve about yourself and your life and just start doing it.No excuses.

6. Get Inspired

Get inspiration by reading, speaking to people that you admire, learn from their mistakes and successes. Read up about what you are wanting to achieve and get as much knowledge in that field as possible. By being informed and seeing how others do it we get motivated and stick to our goals.

What are your goals for the new year? Do you feel motivated and inspired? What do you find the most challenging? I’d love to hear from you.




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