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My 6 steps to beating those winter blues

We all have those days when the grey thoughts cloud our mind and all you want to do is be alone and cuddle up into a ball. You and I both know that this is self torturous but we do it anyway and often don’t know how to stop ourselves from doing it! Sound about right? I’d like to share with you my 6 step plan to beating these gloomy days.

    1. Get up and dress up.

      Even if you work from home or have no plans to leave the house, still make a concerted effort to dress up as if you had guests arriving at your house any minute. If you wouldn’t want your guests to see you in your pajamas or with no make up on, then do the same for yourself. After all you are the person you spend most of your time with so make an effort and be kind to yourself.

    2. Play your favorite music.

      Music is such a powerful tool that is used daily to manipulate peoples mood. It is used in movies and series, as a marketing tool in stores and product launches as well as in TV and radio adverts. Our mood is being manipulated daily by music, so why not use it for our own benefit. Play your favorite music and loud! Sing along and dance if you want to! I know a friend of mine that has a radio in her bathroom and she sings and dances to her favorite songs while getting ready for work. Music naturally increases our dopamine (happy/feel good ) neurochemical which is involved when experiencing pleasure or reward. It turns out that the same chemical is released when listening to music.

    3. Cook.

      Get yourself into that kitchen and cook up a storm! Cooking also releases our feel good hormone and gives us pleasure and a sense of accomplishment not to mention the delicious taste and smell of the good food that start to rewire your brain into feeling good .

    4. Drink herbal tea

      Valerian and Melissa (lemon balm) tea’s are a natural remedy that calms the nerves and treat anxiety. If your mind is racing a thousand miles with various thoughts, then its time sit back and let your mind relax. Make yourself a cup of hot herbal tea, let it brew for at least 10 minutes and drink it. Try focus on one thought at a time and get rid of the negative ones by first focusing on the positive ones. If the negative ones keep on coming back, play devils advocate. So whats the worst that could happen? If you mess up at your next presentation meeting and stumble over your words, whats the worst outcome of this? You could A) go completely red in the face and go blank and have no more words. What would you do then? You could B) run out the room. Or you could C) Laugh at yourself and , say “that was totally planned!” which would more then likely be followed by at least a giggle form your colleagues allowing you a few seconds to re-group and finish what you started! Humanise you mistakes, we have all been there at least once in our lives! By drinking your herbal tea and coming up with  constructive strategies of overcoming your worries should gradually decrease your anxiety levels. ( Email me here for more info on overcoming anxiety).

    5.  Call your BFF

      Ask her to come over for a soul food chat or give her a call her!

    6. Laugh!

      Laughter truly is the best medicine, watch a funny comedy or google funny Youtube video’s, even if you’re truly not in the mood… DO IT! after 5 minutes of watching light hearted and funny content your mood will start to change 🙂



If you have a persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest, experience a change in your behavior or physical symptoms such as changes in sleep, appetite, energy levels, daily behavior, self esteem, thoughts of suicide etc, please seek professional help. You may be suffering from depression which is treatable like any other illness.

Dont feel alone in this, 1 in 3 people in South Africa suffer form some sort of mental illness.

You are welcome to email me, I will gladly be here for you and put you in touch with the correct professional.

info@karolinasky.com / karolina@krconsulting.co.za

You can also call the SADAG help line (South Africa Depression and Anxiety Group) on 0800567567 and their 24 hour help line on 0800121314 who offer a free telephonic service to help you.

I’d like to end off by sending you all happy thoughts and loads of love!




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